Disclaimer & Warranty Info

Repair & Sales Warranty

Texpert Technology is proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on the part or parts previously repaired or replaced. This warranty is non-transferrable and is therefore applicable only for the original repair and customer. Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions under which limited lifetime warranties are recognized:
Texpert Technology offers a limited lifetime warranty on precisely the part or parts which were previously repaired or replaced. This limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturer-related part defects of parts installed by Texpert Technology and does not cover supplemental damage. Manufacturer-related defect symptom, covered by this warranty, may include a spontaneous or abrupt decline in overall device functionality, touchscreen sensitivity, or LCD performance. Supplemental damage, not covered by this warranty can consist of any damage unrelated to the preceding repair, such as physical damage or liquid damage to the device.
Exclusions to this warranty include, but are not limited to, physical and/or liquid damage, game system reflows, batteries, accessories and soldered components. Liquid damage and subsequent physical damage which occurs after a completed repair will void this warranty. Additionally, this warranty is automatically voided in the event of a manufacturer software enhancement that adversely affects the functionality of the phone, tablet, or device otherwise at issue. Texpert Technology reserves the right to resolve any and all disputes concerning this acknowledgment of limited lifetime warranty coverage.

Disclaimer Signed at Device Drop Off:
With your signature, you grant Texpert Technology & relevant parties full access to the device for Repair & Testing purposes only. Texpert will complete stated repairs on form, in some cases additional damage can only be made apparent once the device has been opened, in this event. Texpert will seek customer approval before the repair is continued. Smartphone & Tablet repairs often require extreme heat & excessive force that may cause additional damage that Texpert is not liable for. Texpert reserves the right to cease repair and return the device at any time. Water Damaged & Heavily Damaged devices do not qualify for warranty. With your signature you agree to these terms and costs associated with the repair.

  • All sales of phones and other devices are FINAL and are not subject to refund.
  • All bid prices for sales to Texpert Technology are subject to change due to the possibility of inaccuracy about the information and quality of the device.
  • Texpert Technology Reserves the right to Cancel or Deny any transaction placed with Texpert Technology.
  • With entry of user information, the user grants Texpert Technology the use of this information in the terms of marketing and sales.