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Facebook Facing Scrutiny After User Accounts Hacked



Facebook Facing Scrutiny After User accounts Hacked

If you haven’t heard about the massive security breach within Facebook recently, then perhaps it may be time to read this article. Back on September 14th Facebook began to get attacked by a large-scale hacking operation that affected some 30 million users. Although, this attack was not detected until September 25th.

Hackers used upwards of 400,000 Facebook accounts to help gain sensitive information form users including their names, address, phone numbers, gender, email and more. Worse yet, they also were able to gain access to Facebook security tokens that are used by users to sign into the popular social networking site, without the use of passwords. In a recent statement, Facebook’s Guy Rosen said, “We are still looking at other ways the people behind these attacks may have used Facebook, and we haven’t ruled out the possibility of smaller scale, low-level access attempts,” Facebook vice president of product management, adding that the company had also notified the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Irish Data Protection Commission. In addition, Rosen followed up with a statement, “People’s privacy and security are incredibly important, and we are sorry this happened.” 

Facebook recently has been under fire for much of 2018 for security and SPAM related incidents that has led the social media giant to remove some 800 plus accounts, in hopes of getting a handle on their service. Too, Facebook has been investigated by the FBI in response to its service, while Facebook has been working to aid the FBI in this investigation. Meanwhile, Facebook stocks have recently plummeted, falling to a low of $151.30 per share, yet is beginning to climb back up slowly.

For more information on if you were affected by this attack Facebook has published a Security site that you can go to for additional information.

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